January 12, 2012

Skin Mini Tutorial

Situation: You have two skinned objects in 3ds Max, and you need them to be one skinned object. Again, this skin tutorial is written in a general way to easily reproduce when you bump into this situation.

  1. Go into Figure Mode or Skin Pose or Bind Pose, and set the slider to Frame 0.
  2. Select both objects.
  3. Go to Edit | Clone
  4. Pick Copy and click OK.
  5. Select the new copies and convert to edit poly to collapse the modifier stack.
  6. Attach one object to the other.
  7. Select your object and add a Skin Wrap modifier.
  8. Click the Add button in the modify panel and add both of the original objects by clicking on them. (They should still be skinned.)
  9. Change Deformation Engine to Face Deformation.
  10. Check Weight All Points
  11. Click on Convert to Skin.

Optionally, you can skip clicking Convert to Skin and when you update the skinning the two original objects the skin wrap will update as well. If you are exporting to a game engine, you do need to convert to skin though.

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