December 20, 2011

Hero Academy Released!

Hero Academy by Robot Entertainment

I'm very happy to announce Robot Entertainment's 3rd game release of the year: Hero Academy! The best part is that the past 2 years I've probably only worked two weeks of crunch. Robot is such a great place to work, and I think it really comes though in our games.

I did a little animation on this one, but mostly tech work; including, writing the animation exporter and a Photoshop exporter. Hero Academy is free, but not free in a FarmVille sense. The social aspects involve making your opponent feel helpless and spamming taunts. :)

About the game:
Hero Academy is a free multiplayer tactics game for iOS from the strategy veterans behind Age of Empires and Orcs Must Die! The Council is a free team for all players. The Dark Elves can be purchased, and have different mechanics, but are balanced so that all players have an enjoyable experience. Purchasing the Dark Elves (or any future team) will remove ads from the game. Additional teams will be released for Hero Academy over time. All purchases beyond the teams are cosmetic in nature and do not affect gameplay.  Players may customize their heroic teams with team colors, avatars and taunt animations.

Download! on iTunes

More info on the game:

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